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XC League Rules - Flights
Flight types, minimum distances, multipliers and other rules.

Circuit Flights

Circuit Flights are flights where you fly a course taking in one or more waypoints, then return to your original start point. You can then use flight optimization software to compute the best distance and choose your flight type from either an Out and Return, a Flat Triangle or an FAI Triangle.

Your start and finish points can be different to your takeoff and landing but must be enclosed by a standard 400m radius cylinder. This means that your tracklog does not have to form a complete circuit but must come within 800m.

The distance between your start and finish points is called the circuit gap and it represents how close you are to completing the circuit. This value is deducted from the distance around the turnpoints to give your scoring distance. Multipliers are awarded for Circuit Flights.

Note that minimum distance applies to your scoring distance, that is after the deduction of the circuit gap.

Out and Return

Out and Return flights commence at a start point, go around two turnpoints then return to the original start point. The diagram belows shows the extreme case of starting the flight in the middle of a leg. In most cases the first turnpoint is likely to be much closer to the Start.

Out and Return
UK Records
Male: 103.2km (Mark Watts 2013)
Female: 35.8km (Helen Gant 2011)
Tandem: 36.4km (Greg Hamerton & Vincent Talleu 2014)

Flat Triangle

A Flat Triangle is a triangular flight that does not meet the strict requirements of an FAI Triangle, provided that no leg is shorter than 15% or longer than 45% of the total leg distance. Its purpose is to filter out shallow triangles which are essentially Out and Returns. To fly a triangle you must fly to three turnpoints and return to the original start point.

Flat Triangle
UK Records
Not an official UK record category.

FAI Triangle

An FAI Triangle is one which satisfies the 28% leg rule, which states that the shortest leg must not be less than 28% of the total leg distance. To fly a triangle you must fly to three turnpoints and return to the original start point.

FAI Triangle
UK Records
Male: 101.9km (Mike Cavanagh 2014)
Female: 56.8km (Helen Gant 2011)
Tandem: 29.0km (Tim Guildford & Louise Maurice 2005). Note this was awarded as 27.5km under the old UK rules.